Crohns disease

Ulcerative colitis Crohns disease:

What is IBD Ulcertive colitis/crohns disease?

It is ulcers in large intestine which presents with diarrhea,Abdominal pain some times blood and mucus(Ulcertive colitis).

Ulcers in small and large intestine with abdomen pain loose stools is Crohns disease.

What is ulcerative colitis?

Ulcers in large intestine which presents with blood and mucus in stools and dysentery.

What are the other problems you can heave in ulcerative colitis?

Joint pains,Red eye and skin problems.

Why ulcerative colitis for me?

Cause for ulcerative colitis is multifactorial genetics,infection and immunity are proposed as causative factors.

How does this present?

Mild disease:2-3 stools per day not much of pain.

Moderate disease 4-5 stools mild abdominal pain.

Severe disease: 6-8 stools per day with severe pain

Is there any treatment?

Definitely yes.

Is it curable?

Answer is controllable like insulin controls sugar in diabetes.

Is there any treatment?


Mild disease: Tablets and enemas OF MESALAMINE.

Moderate to severe disease: Ulcertive colitis tablets mesalamine and steroids.

If we stop the treatment what happens?

Disease recurs( if you stop insulin in diabetes your sugar raises ) your diarrhea and blood in stool becomes more once you stop treatment.

Food to be followed?

Curds butter milk are preferred. No milk.

Risk of cancer in this disease?

Very small percentage.

How repeatedly do I need colonoscopy?

If your colon is involved totally 5 years.

If partly involved every 5 years.

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