Pancreas Cancer

Pancreas Cancer:

In India Pancreas cancer is steadily raising. Unfortunately, because of the late presentation of the disease, only 15 to 20 percent of patients are candidates for pancreatectomy. The prognosis of pancreatic cancer is poor even in those with potentially resectable disease. The five-year survival following surgey also is only about 25 to 30 percent for node-negative and 10 percent for node-positive tumors even after surgery.

What are the symptoms of Pancreas cancer?

Abdomen pain mainly in upper abdomen it radiates to back.

Weight loss with distaste to food Not feeling hungry.

Jaundice with itching.

Most of the times people take traditional medicines and come late by the time it will be late.

How to diagnose Pancreas cancer?

Ultrasound abdomen scan of abdomen but some times can be negative as ultrasound scan misses Pancraes.

CT abdomen It can detect tumors upto 1.5 cms.

Endoscopic Ultrasound:Can detect small tumors not detected by CT also.

Blood tests Like CA19-9 LFT.

How is it treated?

After CT scan some times Ultrasound Stage of cancer is assessed and then If resectable Surgey is Done

Please note even after surgery survival at 5 years is 10-20% as it is one of worst cancers.

If Cancer has already spread with Jaundice Endoscopic ERCP procedure is done and Jaundice is relived.

Sometimes same time pain control is done with Celiac Block which will reduce the pain.

How To prevent Pancreas cancer?

Healthy life styles.

Alcohol smoking to be stopped

Don’t neglect Jaundice abdomen pain weight loss especially when more than 55 years

What is the survival after Pancreas cancer surgery?

Cancer pancreas is a bad disease 5 year survival is less than 20% that means if 100 people operated survival after 5 years is less than out of 100

If cancer cannot be operated what are the other options?

Endoscopy and stenting followed by chemotherapy

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