Liver cancer

Liver cancer

What are the causes for liver cancer?

Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C,NASH cirrhosis,Hemochromatosis,Alcoholic liver disease,Smoking, Toxins like aflatoxins are the common reasons one get liver cancer

What are the symptoms of liver cancer?

Jaundice,Easy fatiguability,Weight loss,Abdomen pain,Hard lump and cirrhosis which was well comontrolled with medicine note legswelling,altered behavior.

What tests are there to detect liver cancer?

Ultrasound and Blood test known as Serum Alfa fetoprotein

CT scan and sometimes MRI is needed

Is there any way it can be treated?


If early liver resection/livertransplantaion some times

Laser burning or RF Ablation

TACE (anticancer drugs are injected directly in to liver blood vessels)

Medicines are given like NEXAVAR

What is the survival?

If detected early survival is good

If detected in advanced stage prognosis is poor

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