Jaundice is a very common problem people suffer.Most of us suffer one attack atleast in our life span . Jaundice in most times improves on oits own. Note Jaundice is a symptom that liver is at fault. Jaundice can be sign of cancer in some Jaundice can be a small problem in some Hence Jaundice should not be neglected.

What are the causes for Jaundice?

Virus : Hepatitis A B C D E. Please note B and C are dangerous can damage the liver never neglect and test for B and C always.

Alcohol excessive drinking is one more problem people take lightly.

Alcohol jaundice is the worst jaundice.

Medicines: Allopathic , Ayurvedic and Homeopathic can also cause jaundice

Cancers: Gallbladder Liver and Pancreas cancers

Note:- If jaundice with weight loss with sever backache and abdomen pain can be cancer

Galls tones can some time slip in to bile tube and can cause jaundice which is treated with endoscopy ERCP not with medicines

Please find out why jaundice for me and get treated Never take medicines without testing and without knowing the reason people blindly take allopathic, Ayurvedic or homeopathic medicines without knowing the reason which is wrong please know the reason before you are being treated

What are the symptoms of jaundice?

Early symptoms are distaste to food.

Vomiting sensation.


Mild fever and body ache.

Mild pain in upper abdomen on Right side.

Later patients develop jaundice.

When you have these symptoms you contact your gastroenterologist and ask for Liver function tests at the earliest.

What tests are done to know why we have jaundice?



Virus tests Hepatitis B C A E.

These are basic tests if we don’t find reason later further tests are asked like for excessive copper Immunity problems autoimmune liver diseases and iron excess MRCP and sometimes liver Biopsy.

What symptoms in jaundice are bad and suggest cancer?

Old age if someone gets cancer.

Jaundice with sevee r backache and abdomen pain with weight loss and anorexia sevre distaste to food.

What are the treatments for Jaundice?


If Hepatitis B and CV :- we give medicine.

Alcohol jaundice is bad need to stop alcohol .

What food needs to be taken in Jaundice?

No lot of oil and oily non veg foods initially as they develop vomiting.

Yellow fruits and yellow leaves are not a problem in jaundice.

Oile application in to body is not a problem.

How long food restriction 1-2 weeks till you stop throwing out

How to prevent JAUNDICE?

Vaccination for Hepatits B and A.

No alcohol or smoking g excessively.

Consult your gastroenterologist earkly to prevent delay in dagnising your problem.

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