What is IBS?

IBS is irritable bowel syndrome.

It can present in two ways:

1. Diarrhea predominant type YBS.

2. Second variety is Constipation predominant IBS.

IBS is abdominal pain with diarrhea or constipation it can even alternate.

What are the reasons for IBS?

No single cause of irritable bowel syndrome has been identified, although there are theories that gastrointestinal abnormalities, food intolerance, and psychological issues may be involved.

What tests are needed to say it is IBS?

Blood tests like CBC blood count,ESR.


Stool tests like fecal calprotrctin.

Stool examination.

Colonoscopy in some cases

How is it treated?

Pain relief medications.

If diarrhea drugs to reduce diarrhea.

If constipation drugs to reduce constipation.

Is it incurable?

It is controllable.

It may require some long term medicines.

Stress reduction is needed.

What symptoms say it is NOT IBS?

Blood in stools.

Weight loss.

Mucus in stools.

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