Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B what you should know

What is this Hepatitis B?

It is a virus which enters blood and damages your liver.


Answer is NO NO NO.

Is it more powerful than HIV?

Yes in spreading HIV needs 0.3ml to spread where as Hepatitis B needs 0.003ml OF BLOOD to spread.

In spreding it is more powerful than HIV/AIDS.

How does it enter my body?

Blood transfusion now rare as it is being tested.

Mother to Baby DURING BIRTH.

Husband to wife or wife to husband during sexual intercourse.

Needle or razors which if you share in house or saloon shops when it is used by Hepatitis B positive person.

Why Hepatitis B is dangerous?

It causes liver failure.


Liver cancer.

It spreads in family and other people get I effected in your house.

Is there any medicine?

Yes there are good medicines.

If Iam HBS AG positive or Hepatitis B positive What tests are needed?

LFT(liver function test to know if liver is affected already).

HBeAg, HB e Antibody AND HBV DNA(It is to know how much virus in your body).

HIV Hepatitis C (Hepatits B HIV and HCV spread by blood and if you need treatment HCV and HIV must be tested).

AFP liver cancer screen.

Ultrasound for liver to know is your liver is already damaged.

Endoscopy in some people TO know how bad is the liver.

LFT liver function test it is the most important test.

If SGPT or ALT is increased it is not a good sign.

Then we check HB e Ag and HB e antibody.

Then we check DNA that is how many virus DNA in blood?.


If your Hepatitis B DNA is more than 2000 Iu it needs treatment.

If your SGPT/ALT is elevated repeatedly You need treatment.

When do I need Treatment?

If LFT SGPT is more.

DNA test MORE than 200 virus in 1 ml of blood.

If USG shows cirrhosis.

Why some people are not treated? Or WHAT is carrier state?

If you are carrier that is HBs AG positive but liver is not affected.

SGPT is normal and DNA is <2000 VIRUS.

How long is this treatment?

It is long term.

Some need for lifer term

What is this Cirrhosis caused by Hepatitis B?

Cirrhosis means your liver has become small and your liver is failing.

Is cirrhosis reversible?


If I get cirrhosis what symptoms I have?

Your tummy becomes big that is water gets in to tummy ascites.

Leg gets swollen.

Your eyes may become yellow.


Blood vomiting in some.

Urine out put may comedown.

Mental changes excessive sleepiness behavior changes we call it liver coma or encephalopathy.

If I am Hepatitis B positive what precaution in family needs to be taken?


You can share clothes.

You can eat in same plates.

Can I marry yes.

Inform and vaccinate your would be.

Can I have child.

Yes vaccinate the partner and give hepatitis B preventing injection to child if mother is positive.


No sharing of razors needle or tooth brush.

No blood donation.

No sperm or ovum donation.

If there is bleeding from your body family members should wear gloves to clean or attend because if they have cuts they can get Hepatitis B.

What is the cost of treatment?

We have 3 drugs:-

Entecavir RS 4000 per month.

Tenofovir Rs 1200per month.

Pegylated interferon 2 – 4 lakhs for 48 injections.

What test needs to be done when you are taking medicine?




Kidney test in some.

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