Heart Burn (GERD)

What is GERD?

It is acid which comes to your food pipe (esophagus) from stomach and makes your heart burn or gets sour brash in mouth.

Why do I get GERD?

Overweight and Obesity

Food: Junk food , Lots of coffee, tea ,Sweets, chocolates, cake ,Pizzas, Aerated drinks ( coke mirinda fanta maaza)



Hiatus hernia

How do I prevent getting this Heart burn?

Life style modification

Avoid foods that precipitate GERD

Excess coffee Tea

Sweets, chocolates, cake and Pizzas

Aerated drinks (coke, mirinda, fanta, maaza, sprite, sodas)


Not to wear too tight clothes

Not to sleep immediately after food

Raise the head end of your bed when you sleep it makes less heart burn.

Why endoscopy?

To look for Barrett’s esophagus which is a precursor of esophagus cancer on long term

To look for hiatus hernia.

What is this hiatus hernia?

To say in colloquial term it is the valve between your food pipe and stomach which becomes loose and makes you suffer from hear burn.

Can long term heart burn cause cancer?

Yes but in very small proportion.

Any precautions for heart burn?

Take your medicines before food only.

Do I need surgey for this?

Very few people, most of it needs medicine and lifestyle modification as suggested earlier

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