Abdominal Fullness (Dyspepsia)

Gastric Problem or Dyspepsia Know the facts. What is this Dyspepsia? Gastric (IN COLLOCQUIAL TERM)

Heart Burn (GERD)

What is GERD? It is acid which comes to your food pipe (esophagus) from stomach and makes your heart burn or gets sour brash in mouth.

Ulcers Gastric

Ulcers can be in stomach or Duodenum that is small intestine. It is a break in continuity of lining of stomach or small intestine. Why do we get Gastric ulcer or Duodenal

Blood Vomiting

What are the reasons for Blood Vomiting? Gastric Or Duodenal(small intestine)ulcer, Liver cirrhosis

H Pylorie

H Pylorie Infection (Helicobacter Pylori) What is H pylorie infection?It is a bacteria which infects stomach

Food Pipe and Stomach Cancer

Esophagus and Gastric Cancer How does food pipe and stomach cancer present