Gall bladder cancer

Gall bladder cancer:

What are the symptoms of gallbladder cancer?

Jaundice in middleage with itching pain below right ribcage is the cardinal symptom of gall bladder cancer.

What are the reasons for gallbladder cancer?

Gallstones if you are from Northern India,Smoking are the common reasons.

How do we suspecte gallbladder cancer?

If someone has sudden onset jaundice with itching and upperabdomen pain with weight loss and not feeling hungey never neglect these symptoms.

What tests are done to detect gallbladder cancer?

Ultrasound is the basic test.

Liver function test.

CTscan abdomen or MRCP (MRI scan of abdomen)

Endoscopic ultrasound

What is this endoscopic ultrasound?

In this doctor will pass the endoscope attached with the ultrasound attached to the tip of the scope and passed in to intestine it will detect a tumor not detected by ct scan or MRI and even take biopsy to say it is cancer but in case of gallbladder cancer it is not mandatory but it is done if in doubt or if the tumor is advanced and to confirm before chemotherapy.

What are the treatment options?

Early stage disease it is surgery radical cholecystectomy.

Late stage endoscopy is the treatment where stents are placed in to the bileduct and jaundice comes down.

What is the survival after these surgeries.

Gallbladder cancers have very bad survival 5year survival is only less than 20%.

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