Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is one of the most common people are suffering from. Many a time it is innocuous but some times leads to severe problem like Liver cirrhosis. Common in Diabetics, People who are over weight and obese also common in Diabetics.

Can be controlled with life style modifications

What is this Fatty liver?

It is a very common liver condition where people present to Gastroenterologists with Ultrasound report of fatty liver it means excessive fat in your liver.

Why do we get fatty liver?

Over weight and obesity is the very common cause.

Diabetes is one common factor for fatty liver.

Thyroid problems.

How does this Present?

Mainly people come after their ultrasound.

Some times with pain in upper part of abdomen below rib cage, Weakness body aches sometimes people present when they have gastric.

How do we treat?

Investigations like :

Ultrasound for liver.

LFT Liver function test.

Heptitis B.

Heptaitis C.

Blood sugar.

Cholesterol that is Lipid profile.

Thyroid tests.

Sometimes liver Biopsy.

How do we treat?

If Diabetes we control the Diabetes.

Healthy life styles.

Like exercise and walking control in diet.

Thyroids will be treated if positive.

High cholesterol to be treated if you have high cholesterol.

Why Fatty liver is dangerous?

Fatty liver over the time leads to liver damage and liver cirrhosis which ends up with liver transplantation. Better late than sorry have good health life style.

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