What are the reasons for diarrhea long term?


Ulcers Ulcerative colitis or crohns disease

IBS if all tests are normal these are the common reasons

What are the danger signs you should not neglect?

Weight loss, abdominal pain and bleeding in stools

What tests are needed to diagnose?

Colonoscopy CT small bowel Capsule endoscopy and Doubble balloon enteroscopy

How is the treatment done?

Infections in intestine are treated with antibiotics

Ulcers in intestine: Needs long term medicines like mesacol or steroids or azathioprine

IBS is symptpomatic treatment

Blood in stools

What are the reasons for blood in stools?

Piles is the common cause

Fissure in anus

Ulcerative colitis means it is ulcers in colon

Infections of colon

Other reasons are Colon or rectum cancers

Diverticular bleeding

Ischemic colitis secondary to low blood supply to colon

When blood in stools is dangerous?

If age is more than 45 years it can be cancers or ulcerative colitis or Crohns disease

What are the tests needed?

Colonoscopy is the one which detects the problem

Sigmoidocopy it detects sigmoid colon


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