Colon Polyp

Colon Polyp

What is colon polyp?

It is a small growth either cancerous or non cancerous in large intestine and it presents with bleeding from anus.

What are the reasons for colon polyp?

It is either familial or it can be sporadic

What if it is neglected?

It can lead to cancer in many cases

What are the treatment oprions?

Colonoscopy is done and polyp is removed without surgery

Surgey is done if very large but most of it can be removed without surgery only

Is there any medicines from which polyp can be cured?

Unfortunately no

Is there any problems you can face following endoscopic removal of polyp?

Bleeding is one problem

Some times holes can occur in colon which may require surgery

What is the other alternative for endoscopy?

It is surgery which is also major but nowadays most polyps are treated without surgery by colonoscopy removal only

How polyps are followed?

Polyps are followed by surveillance colonoscopy after removal after 6 months and then based on biopsy every 5-10years

Can polyps be detected by ct scan?

Yes it can be detected by CT colonography but to prove it once again needs colonoscopy

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