Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

What way colon cancer presents?

It presents with bleeding in stools most people neglect it is piles, It can present with lump in abdomen, Pain in abdomen or not feeling to eat weight loss.

What tests are done to find colon cancer?

Colonoscopy and biopsy.

If biopsy shows cancer.

CT scan abdomen is done to stage the disease.

Blood tests like CEA are done to evaluate.

PET CT in some cases.

What are the treatment options?

BEarly stage cancers Endoscopy or Surgey to remove cancer.

Late stage cancers Surgey which involves removal of that part of colon.

If biopsy shows spread chemotherapy is given.

How are these patients followed up?

Colonoscopy at 6 months interval followed by surgery.

CEA every 6 months.

PET CT in some cases.

Who are the doctors to be involved?

It is a team work.

Medical gastroenterologists detect the disease and in stenting the colon if advanced disease.

Surgical gastroenterologists or colorectal surgeons to operate.

Medical oncologists for chemotherapy.

What if disease is advanced?

If disease is advanced Colonoscopy and stent that is a metal tube placed in to colon so that stools pass and then chemotherapy is given.

What is the survival?

Colon cancers even in advanced cases are having better prognosis compared to Pancreas esophagus which are very very bad cancers.

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