Blood Vomiting

Blood Vomiting

What are the reasons for Blood Vomiting?

Gastric Or Duodenal(small intestine)ulcer, Liver cirrhosis with Varices bleeding,Esophagitis or severe gastritis and Tear in food pipe or stomach Mallory weiss tear are common reasons for blood vomiting.

Whom to contact?

Gastroenterologist Medical

What is done in this condition?

Needs stabilization

Blood will be given if blood is less

Endoscopy is done in next 6-8hrs

In endoscopy injection is given to stop bleeding with adrenaline which stops bleeding

In some case clips are put to stop bleeding

In some cases heater probe is applied which will stop bleeding

Blood vomiting Does it need Surgey?

Now surgery is needed in very few cases

Most cases are managed without surgey by Medical Gastroentreologists

If blood vomiting is due to Liver cirrhosis how is it treated?

It is more serious than ulcer bleeding

Patients are given blood in some cases

Injections like Terlipressin or octreotide are given

Endoscopy once patient is stabilized

Banding or injection is done

If stomach is the bleeding source known as fundal varices it is much more worser and it needs Glue injection.

How to prevent blood vomiting?

Pain killers should not be taken without indication and prescription. If you are a heart patient if you are using Aspirin and clopidogrel you should be aware you are at much higher risk of bleeding and if you pass black stools you should inform your heart specialist.

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