Bile duct cancers

Bile duct cancers (Cholangio carcinoma or Periampullary cancers):

What are the symptoms of bile duct cancer or Periampullary cancers?

Jaundice in more than 45 years with itching very minimal pain it can come with only itching or jaundice.

What symptoms alert some one having bile duct or Periampullary cancer?

As mentioned above if some one more than 45 years preent with jaundice and itching never neglect it needs evaluation by medical gastroenterologist.

What tests are needed?

Ultrasound is the basic test.

Liver function test.

CT abdomen or MRCP

Endoscopic ultrasound.

What is this endoscopic ultrasound?

In this doctor will pass the endoscope attached with the ultrasound attached to the tip of the scope and passed in to intestine it will detect a tumor not detected by ct scan or MRI and even take biopsy to say it is cancer.

What are the treatment options?

Early stage disease it is surgery known as Whipples operation.

Late stage endoscopy is the treatment where stents are placed in to the bileduct and jaundice comes down.

What are the complications of this surgery?

Whipples operation is considered one of the major surgeries.

Mortality of operation is 2-5% in best centers where they do big number in other places it can be up to 20% as well where numbers are less.

Mornidity means complication followed by sugery is around 10% in best centers in less volume centers it is once again 20%.

5 year survival is very good in Periampullary cancers.

Endoscopy to be done only if bilirubin is more than 15%.

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