Abdominal Fullness (Dyspepsia)

Gastric Problem or Dyspepsia Know the facts

What is this Dyspepsia? Gastric (IN COLLOCQUIAL TERM)

Abdomen fullness, mild pain or discomfort above your umbilicus in upper abdomen.

Why I get dyspepsia or Gastric problem?

Stomach gets infected with bacteria called H pylorie. Discordination in your nervous system of stomach.

What foods should I avoid to prevent Dyspepsia or Gastric?

Excess Coffee, Tea , Smoking, Alcohol, Fried items, Pizzas, Sweets, Chocolates, Pastry

Excess Aerated drinks Coke Mirinda ,Fanta, Maaza, Soda

Too much Fried items , Excess milk in some people.

What tests are needed?

Initially some medicines to reduce acid are given for 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

If symptoms still there Ultra sound abdomen.

Endoscopy may be needed to look for H pylorie a bacteria and ulcers in stomach

Blood tests like sugar liver tests need to be done in some people.

What symptoms you should not neglect and tell?

Weight loss, not feeling to eat, vomiting recurrent, Blood in vomiting, Difficulty in swallowing if u feel a lump or mass in abdomen, if in your family cancers of stomach, food pipe (esophagus) or Pancreas. These are alarm symptoms which suspects of cancers.


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