"These are micro-organisms that colonize your intestine and remove harmful bacteria. The best natural probiotics are in yogurt and soy yogurt, which can be eaten on a regular basis even without a prescription. But people consume them less these days. So it is available in tablet and liquid forms. Research is being conducted to see its impact on colon cancer and urinary tract infections,"explains Dr B S Ravindra, consultant gastroenterologist, BGS Global Hospital.

Times Of India

"It is not only Bangalore, liver disorders have become rampant in Karnataka as well. Every four persons out of 100 suffers from Hepatitis B in the state," says Dr Ravindra BS, senior consultant, gastroenterology, hepatology and therapeutic endoscopy, BGS Global Hospitals.


"There is a serious lack of awareness among the public that both Hepatitis B and C are curable with access to affordable drugs besides availability of vaccines for Hepatitis B control," pointed out Dr Ravindra B S.